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W1BUR Shack Build Feb 2012

Members of W1BUR - Boston University Amateur Radio Club gathered on February 12, 2012 to build a cabinet for the new shack.


WPX 2012 contest results

W1BUR, Boston University Amateur Radio Club operated on Saturday, March 25, 2012 in CQ World-Wide WPX Contest from the Photonics Center, Boston University. ...

W1BUR Open Operation March 25 2012

Boston University Amateur Radio Club operated amateur radio station W1BUR on Sunday, March 25, 2012 for one of the world’s largest amateur radio competition,...

6800 mile contact

BU Amateur Radio Club joined the ARRL DX Contest on Saturday, March 3 2012 from 10AM to 8PM.

Welcome Fall 2016

Welcome to the students, staff, alumni, and friends of W1BUR amateur radio station at Boston University this Fall 2016 semester! We have our Echolink service...

W1BUR-L online

We have at least the internet portion of W1BUR-L online. As we get increasing access to the original Photonics Center shack, I can get the RF transmit porti...

Spring Break 2015 plans

We plan to put a simplex Echolink W1BUR-L on the air from a temporary antenna until we can get access to the rooftop antenna connection in the early summer. ...



Net Results Sept 20 2015

We had approximately 11 checkins on the net, via W1BUR-L on Echolink. We connected with W8UM-R, the University of Michigan ham radio club, which is quite ac...

Biweekly Net Fall 2015

We will be having nets approximately twice a month on Sunday nights at 7:30pm. This time is chosen to precede joint university nets at 8:00pm Sundays. The d...



W1BUR is still here

We lost access to our main ham shack room due to exciting research that needed the space. We haven’t forgotten about ham radio and are looking for intereste...