About W1BUR

Serving students, staff, faculty, alumni and the community

Licensed or not-yet-licensed persons of interest please contact us for fun and learning with wireless communications.


The Boston University Amateur Radio Club (BUARC), FCC-licensed callsign W1BUR, reactivated in 2011 and actively engages with the Boston University student community for public service and networking opportunities involving wireless communications.

Membership does not require an amateur radio license, and FCC rules allow for “third party” operation of unlicensed individuals supervised by a licensed amateur radio operator. We can help guide you through getting your amateur radio license (monthly ham radio licensing exams are held at MIT).

Campus Communities Served

At any given moment, dozens of BU undergraduates and graduate students have their amateur radio license. Numerous faculty and staff are also licensed amateur radio operators. The BUARC has a long history of engaging with local and regional public service activities. BUARC is situated less than 2 miles from the Boston Marathon finish line, making its radio equipment ideally situated to provide communications in support of runners near and at the Finish Line.

Our student members are also affiliated with and support student organizations including: