W1BUR Projects

We have had a very active Fall2011/Spring2012 semester. Through the hard work of our student members and assistance from faculty, staff, and supporters we have been operating in contests and are on the brink of new exciting radio activities.


March 2012: Shun/Austin have procured a PC for use in PHO111 for digital modes, contest logging, and the like. Also, Nate has procured a 2nd PC for use on the packet / Echolink / remote ops station in PHO110.

Anticipated (hopeful) timeline

April-May 2012

Have 1200 baud VHF or UHF packet station on-air. Yaesu FT-5100 is easily modifiable to 9600 baud packet, and the KPC-9612+ TNC supports both baud rates. In fact, post-modification, we can receive on two frequencies simultaneously (V/V, V/U, or U/U).

We would appreciate input from the Greater Boston amateur packet community as to what configuration (2m/70cm) (1200/9600) would be most useful to the community.