The BUARC has worked hand-in-hand with the BUSAT cubesat team with regard to the wireless communications portion. We have assisted in communicating through several satellites. The terrestrial range of the system is excellent. We did identify some overloading issues due to strong signal overload driving intermodulation products in the tower top amplifiers.

The need for additional bandwidth for the relatively short BUSAT mission ultimately led to a commercial wireless solution being used instead of the ground station. Nonetheless, the BUSAT ground station serves other Cubesat missions.

Please contact us if your Cubesat or balloon team needs ground station support.

BUSAT Ground Station

This is not an exhaustive list.

BUSAT Antennas

  • Glen Martin RT-832
  • 430 MHz Circularly Polarized M2 436CP30 (switchable polarization relays not installed)
  • 144 MHz Circularly Polarized M2 2MCP14 (switchable polarization relays not installed)

BUSAT Equipment

Almost everything powered from main power supply and Anderson Powerpole distribution bus.

  • Kenwood TS-2000 (no 1200 MHz option)
  • 50 Amp Astron linear power supply
  • Kantronics KPC-9612+